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Importance of article sharing

Importance of article sharing

Why is it so important to include social sharing buttons on your site and give the users an opportunity to share your articles? Nowadays, the watchword is to share and spread. Everyone wants to know and be informed, especially the people of the web surfers.

Sharing some pages of your site on social networks is able to help its positioning, leading it to reach its goal, which is to make sure that a large number of users come to you (and buy!).

Sharing helps sales

Let’s start immediately with a fact that confirms how word of mouth is still very important. About 92% of consumers rely on recommendations from friends and family rather than advertising to purchase products or services. Our suggestion is to include buttons, within your site to make sure that your content is easily shared in the most used channels or social networks. Let’s see the reasons why you should do this.

Increase the awareness of your company

Including a button that pushes to share helps your content be conveyed more easily to reach not only your customers but also all those who could be potential customers. This is called brand exposure:  making sure that your site and your company reach as many users as possible. Millions of people use social networks every day, so what better way to share your content?

Improve the SEO of your site

A share button improves your SEO. Let’s start with the basics: content is shared only if it is good content if it is interesting to the reader and gives food for thought. And if the link is shared on social media, it is more likely that it will spread like wildfire even outside of social media. Perhaps, it is shared on authoritative blogs or other sites, generating “natural” links that will help your site to position itself more at the top of searches. This is what comes under the definition of viral content.

Facilitate the user experience on your portal

The share button is intuitive and helps the user experience. As on your site, there is a tree, a menu, categories, all things that help a user to orient himself, so it is necessary that the share button is there because if the content is useful and interesting, it is essential that a user have the tools to share it with other people.

In conclusion: 

Article sharing on social networks is essential to improve your online presence and increase your site’s authority, together with other tools such as the relevance of the keywords you have chosen to promote it. We always like to remember the good and quality content. We advise you not to add share buttons on every page of your site, but only in those where there is interesting content to share (blog articles, important news on products and the company, discounts, case history, job offers). What are your thoughts on article sharing; let us know in the comment box!


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