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9 Health benefits of turmeric- A mini guide


Turmeric is a herbaceous plant from the Zingiberaceae family, called “Indian saffron” because it has the same coloring properties as saffron. It is used as a spice (a key element in curry, a mixture of spices) and its many medicinal properties. Turmeric is native to South Asia. Its primary use is in powder but also in infusion or decoction. Here we will discuss some health benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric would prevent the appearance of certain cancers

By fighting against the oxidative stress responsible for cell degeneration and against inflammation, it would act in the prevention of certain cancers (lung and breast). Curcumin, present in turmeric, even has positive effects in the treatment of certain cancers. In China, it is used to treat the first phases of cancer of the cervix of the uterus, in parallel with the usual allopathic treatments.

It is an anti-inflammatory

Turmeric, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, improves the mobility of the joints. It would also help reduce joint pain (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis), and postoperative pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory power. This plant also protects against inflammatory diseases of the liver and intestine e.g., obstruction of the bile duct and chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis.

Turmeric relieves digestive disorders

The World Health Organization has recognized its positive action against digestive disorders. In addition to soothing stomach aches, it optimizes disturbed biliary functions, which can, in particular, be the cause of constipation, and it improves the quality of the permeable intestinal mucous membranes. It should be consumed daily, turmeric reduces inflammation and has a preventative effect on ulcers.

Good for nerve cells and the brain


Turmeric is a constant stimulus for the brain slows the aging of brain cells and prevents inflammation of the central nervous system.



Supports weight loss


Turmeric has high digestive power and promotes digestion as a whole: not only that; it inhibits the ability of fat cells to form or absorb nutrients.

Turmeric, an asset against cholesterol

Turmeric does not have a direct effect on cholesterol, but it lowers the triglyceride level by reducing the sugar level, and it also helps to maintain the low cholesterol level. As a preventive measure, it helps to maintain a good cholesterol level. It can also be consumed in addition to treatment for diabetes.

Turmeric, a source of vitamins

Rich in iron, manganese, potassium, vitamins C and B6, turmeric consumed regularly is a good way to stay healthy. In times of fatigue, it gives a boost. It is also a preventive superfood for general health. 




It is a great remedy for the proper functioning of the liver cell as it helps the elimination of excess toxins. If you want to get a benefit on the liver, turmeric should not be mixed with black pepper. The black pepper inhibits the detoxification function of turmeric but maintains the anti-inflammatory effect on tissues and cartilages.



Good for the cardiac health

Due to the curcumin contained within turmeric, it also becomes a precious ally for the heart and the cardiovascular system. It fights heart disease, strengthens the lining of blood vessels, and has anti-inflammatory action. It also acts on cholesterol levels in the blood.

We hope this guide on the health benefits of turmeric will help you to take advantage of this magical spice. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment box


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