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Health benefits of DMAE

DMAE is also known as dimethylaminoethanol, which is a clear and odorless liquid. It is used in mood-enhancing medicines, skincare products, particularly serums and cognitive-function supplements. If you are using it in your wellness routine, you may experience plenty of benefits of DMAE. It is naturally found in seafood such as anchovies. Let’s find out together some health benefits of DMAE.

Reduce wrinkles and firm sagging skin. 

According to one study, the facial gel we use contains about 3% DMAE, which can help reduce the fine lines on your forehead and around the eyes when used for around 4 months or 16 weeks. This study also indicates that DMAE can also improve the overall appearance of your aged skin and lip fullness and shape as well. Other studies on mice and humans indicated that it might improve your skin’s appearance by hydrating it. 

It may reduce memory loss:

According to some unreliable sources, DMAE may support memory and reduce memory loss associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But there are no reliable studies or trusted sources to support this claim.

Used for ADHD

Some evidence shows that DMAE may also be beneficial for ADHD symptoms. DMAE was sold in the past with the brand name i.e., Deanol, that helps to treat attention and mood problems. Now in recent times, its supplement has several positive results for health.

Support better mood:

It is believed that DMAE may help to improve mood and depression. According to one study, DMAE can reduce anxiety, depression, and irritability. This study was done on the people who had cognitive decline with aging. Moreover, the study found that it helps increase initiative and motivation.

DMAE for Neuroprotection

DMAE a.k.a. dimethylaminoethanol may also be beneficial for anti-aging, neuro-protection, and longevity. A study done on aging mice shows that DMAE increased the survival ratio. As the cell membrane alters with the aging process that might be its reason. The formation of the cell membrane is not completed without the choline, and DMAE is its precursor that inhibits the metabolism of choline. Some other studies also show that it can scavenge free radicals due to its anti-aging properties. Research indicates that DMAE can kill the free radicals that are responsible for mutating cells.

Enhance athletic performance:


Some unreliable evidence also claims that it may enhance athletic performance when you take it with other supplements and vitamins. But the researches are needed to support this claim.

Reduce hyperactivity. 

Some studies were done on school children, which indicate that DMAE could reduce hyperactivity and improve their focus in the classroom. The researches were conducted in the past, and no recent studies have been done to support this claim.

Bottom Line:

Some benefit of DMAE has not been proved as no more new studies have done to support the findings of the previous studies. It may have some health benefits, including enhance mood, reduce depression, hydrate your skin, anti-aging, reduce hyperactivity, and improve memory. If you want to take DMAE, consult your doctor before taking it.


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